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Fashion Photographer Rocio Segura

   Originally from Spain, New York based emerging fashion photographer Rocio Segura shares her recent project “Lets get freaky” with Fab Ego Magazine.  Describing her work as “colorful and subversive” Segura creates photographs that simply bring out stunning, almost otherworldly beauty of her subjects.  After receiving a degree in Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography Segura showcased her work in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout US and Europe.  She photographed, art directed Carolina Herrera, Samsung and Aquarius “The Future of your Brand” project which featured a group of emerging creatives.  Segura's work was published in fashion magazines such as Vice, AV Spain, DOUX, Stilo, Inked, Unfolded, Exposure Book.

    Fab Ego: How would you describe your style of photography?

    Rocio Segura: I am a contemporary fashion and fine art photographer. 

    F.E.:  Tell us about your recent project?

    R.S.: "Lets get freaky" project was influenced by creations of emerging fashion designer Mark Tauriello.  Through his collection I wanted to explore a freaky side of fashion world.

I met Mark during Williamsburg Fashion Weekend.  One of his dresses with lights incorporated into fabric was striking. It reflected my style - I had to shoot it.  I learned that Mark was also building lighting installations.  So, we decided to use some of his installations for this project (continuous multi color light) and use them together with strobes.

Our goal was to create photographs that could get stuck in person's head and bring out images that would only belong to our imagination.


Photographer: Rocio Segura - www.rociosegura.es
Designer: Mark Tauriello - www.marktauriello.com
MUA: Daniel Deleno - www.danieldeleno.com
Hair: Kenyatta Freeman
Models: Veronica and Lea @
RED Models
Photo Assistant: Gaia Danieli - www.gaiadanieli.com

Camera: 5D Mark II


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