"It's hard to objectively criticize my own work when I see it all the time, but through Instagram I can get a feel for whether others view my work positively or negatively. "



Tell us a little about you and your work.

I am currently a student at Hongik University in South Korea.

I am majoring in Textile Art and Fashion Design.

I love browsing through and examining various artists' artwork, masterpieces, fashion collections and fashion editorials to the point that I became a computer and cellphone addict.

Sitting in a cafe listening to music and drawing makes me truly happy.

I receive a lot of inspiration from my favorite musicians and fashion editorials.


How do you think the use of instagram has benefited your art practice? 

By using Instagram, I can share my artwork with the rest of the world and know the reactions of others towards my work and discuss it. 

It's hard to objectively criticize my own work when I see it all the time, but through Instagram I can get a feel for whether others view my work positively or negatively. In addition, I can make friends on Instagram with similar tastes and we can encourage each other. These friends (or followers) give me strength, motivate me and become a stimulus, driving me forward in my work. Also there are so many amazing artists around the world. I gain inspiration from viewing their work and receive help by studying their technical skills and ideas. 

Furthermore, Instagram can give you an unexpected opportunities to do features like this one!


What’s the state of the illustration industry/community in your country. Are you actively involved in a community of artists? Is there a booming industry where you’re located. 

In my country, within the illustration field, freelancer activity is predominant. Because the demand is low and there is abundance in supply, it is difficult for illustrators to make a living. 

Experimental fringe group illustration styles especially find it hard to gain favor from the industry. Even though most people know who the famous pop artists are, they don't know any famous illustrators.

From what I can gather, nowadays, illustrators promote and appeal themselves through SNS(such as Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram). I am currently not a part of any community. Because I don't think that I have enough artwork that can show my vibe or identity. In my country, the IT, cars, steel, smartphones are the booming industries.


What do you most enjoy depicting in your illustrations and do you tend to get many opportunities to draw that subject matter in your line of work?

I like to depict faces that are beautiful and have character. I enjoy drawing the eyes the most. I like to express subtle shadows using lines. I think I prefer drawing things I can depict using smooth curves as opposed to straight lines. As such, I like plants and clothes and love expressing the wrinkles in clothes. Because I am still a student, there is no limitations or restrictions on what I can draw.

I can freely draw the subject matters that I want during classes such as in my fashion illustration and silk screening classes.

Also, I planning to experiment with Digital Textile Printing (DTP) and making pouches to sell at the school fair.


Do you have a background in fashion design or the fashion industry?

The only experience I have so far are the projects that I do in classes and making art wear out of paper at school to showcase at shows. 

I have not yet had very much experiences in fashion.


Do you illustrate full time? Is it your only interest?

Because I am currently only drawing as a hobby, I do not draw all day.

Furthermore, because I am trying to self-promote using Instagram, I have been focusing on producing pieces for Instagram.

When I am not drawing, I look through Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Fashion Magazines to gain inspiration and if there is a masterpiece that shocked me, I study it more carefully.

I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and exercising and going to see exhibitions and shopping.


What’s your medium of choice?

I love ink pens the most, then colored pencil crayons and markers (because they're easy to use!).

Lately, I have been coloring digitally. I like it because the editing and re-editing is much easier.  


Could you talk a bit about the process of launching your illustration career?

I cannot give an exact answer, because I have not yet worked as an official illustrator. However, if I become one in the future, I can probably say that utilizing SNS was a huge help and brought assurance about having made the right career choice. 


Explain your typical work process.

Currently, I look at pictures I am inspired by and make a sketch using pencil, after which I use pen to draw. Then I erase the pencil sketch with an eraser. Because I don't own a scanner, I take a picture of my drawing with my phone and transfer it to the computer. Then, after I use photoshop to edit, I use the Illustrator to color in and further touch-up.


Does environmental concern enter your work practice/has it altered it at all?

Environmental concerns do not affect the subject matter of my work, but when I am working, I avoid using materials that are very harmful to the environment.


Name your top three influences (artists or otherwise).

Pierre Debusschere, Ernesto Artillo, Rene Magritte


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