I like drawing with "less colors and more imagination... ."




Tell us a little about you and your work.

I am Marija Verde, I attended illustration class at COMIX school in Naples. Later I got age Verde. I was born on 23rd July 1988. I have been drawing since I was a little girl. I have acquainted myself in the field of illustration when I was eighteen. I received my degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples. Now I am getting a master in graphic design. My style espouses well the fields of fashion and press. My purpose is to succeed in working full time as a professional illustrator.



How do you think the use of Instagram has benefited your art practice?

Just as many other social networks Instagram is very helpful for many artists because it is a sort of virtual gallery where anyone can notice you and your works. It is like going to an exhibition.

What’s the state of the illustration industry/community in your country? Are you actively involved in a community of artists? Is there a booming industry where you’re located.

Every year many artists sponsor the illustration fair in Bologna. Unfortunately, the field of illustration is underestimated in Italy. We have great artists here, but they work for Spanish or French companies. In these countries, the illustration field has achieved its importance. I am not involved in any artists’ community. However, I have been signed on the register of illustrators just for one year. It was an award for an illustration competition (subwayletterature).


What do you most enjoy depicting in your illustrations and do you tend to get many opportunities to draw that subject matter in your line of work?

I love drawing women, the female body, especially the faces. I have been a hyperrealist portraitist for years, then I found my own style. I like drawing with less color and more imagination. I think that my work can be suitable for press and fashion.


Do you have a background in fashion design or the fashion industry?

I worked for the website My illustrations were printed on shirts.


Do you illustrate full time? Is it your only interest?

Yes, I illustrate full time but I have several interests. I enjoy going to the cinema and I am bewitched by the power of music and its influence on human souls.


What’s your medium of choice?

Watercolors, eco-line, ink and especially the pencil.


Could you talk a bit about the process of launching your illustration career? 

When I was a child I loved manga and I wanted to be a mangaka. Then thanks to illustration classes I have found out a new way of making art. I have first met childish illustration and later the fashion one.


Explain your typical work process.

I get inspiration from pictures I like where faces or gazes strike me. At the beginning I use a pencil then I color the figure with inks and watercolors. I use much water because in this way the color produces a casual effect. I also love ink and eco-lines effects.


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