"I remember and love all my projects because I put part of my soul in all my work. "



Tell us about you and your work.

I was born and raised in Germany. Now I am living in London, I had a bit of gypsy life. lived a couple of years in Paris as well

and was traveling a lot working wise.


Do you like to dress up to express yourself?

I used to do this when I was younger, now I am more casual and like to wear simple combinations, jeans T-shirts. It’s easy and fits in a lot of situation but sometimes I like to dress up. I like it preppy.


Your artistic statement:

Just go with your flow, but question yourself from time to time.


Aside from being a super talented illustrator, you also do fashion styling. Is it correct? How long have you been in that field and which one of these talents do you enjoy the most?

Yes, that’s correct. I still work as a stylist and I like it, I think it’s a good combination. Being an illustrator helps me quite often to

work as a stylist. I started to work as a stylist more than 10 years ago, that’s why I went to Paris. I like the traveling part of this job.

I just love your style! You collages are so interesting. Where do you find the photographs?

My boyfriend is a photographer, so I always have easy access to fashion or beauty photography

Do you paint in Illustrator or use oil/acrylic/other materials?

I usually paint in illustrator it saves a lot of trees

One of my favorite series in your illustration collection is “Power of Colors”. The colors are so rich! Was this project created for a specific client or just your personal pleasure? Tell us a bit about your technical approach.

This was a personal project. My technical approach depends on what the image is about. In this series, I was keen on patterns plus their colors.

So I concentrated on this and I tried to find a way to draw this in my personal way.

I also love moodiness in “Spring/Summer” series. Your signature eyebrows are so unique. How long did it take you to create this series?

Usually, I don’t need that long for a series, if I am into the theme I literally can’t stop working until I have the feeling I am finished.

The eyebrows were a little phase. It was kind of a feeling I needed to add an xtr touch.

What do you most enjoy depicting in your artwork and do you tend to get many opportunities to draw that subject matter in your line of work?

Missbach Jewelry, Anna Russka Couture. l like to create little stories, I think this comes from being a stylist. In a fashion story, I always try to tell a little story.


What was your favorite project so far, either client based or personal?

I did an exhibition in Hong Kong together with my boyfriend.

I painted on photographies of him with acrylic paint. That was an exciting project.


What is your creative process: do you sketch at first, listen to particular music, collaborate with other artists, etc?

I would love to do collabs, open for proposals...

I like to listen to audiobooks while I am working, I usually try to do sketching, research is a big part as well. Finding reference pictures etc, finding the right poses of the models etc takes a long time


Where do you shop for your art materials? What’s your medium of choice? 

Most of my artwork is created in Illustrator while traveling I am always doing a diary. For this, I am using sketchbooks, ink and markers. 


Could you talk a bit about the process of launching your illustration career?

It is still in a progress and I have a feeling that it will never stop.

But to keep a long story short, my boyfriend always was a great supporter of me being an artist and he started to say

I should work as an illustrator and this got things rolling...

Did you go to an art school? 

No, I studied Japanese and media.

Do you draw full time? What other passions do you have?

I don’t draw full-time but would love to. As of now, I am still working as a stylist. I have two toypoodles Buddy and Dude, they are a big part of my life. I also enjoy cooking and very passionate about travelling. Once a year I pack my backpack and hit the road to explore far destinations. It changes my perspectives and shows me how easy our life in Europe is.


Do you have a certain routine in your life?

Yes, without it I couldn’t exist. I am quite a nerd when it comes to cleaning and being a housewife. You need to have a routine especially when you’re a freelancer. As soon as I finish my maintenance I start working on projects, etc. There is no other way around, I can’t stand a chaotic environment.


How do you think the use of Instagram has benefited your art practice?

It is a great way to show your art work to the public worldwide. I really appreciate it.


Are you actively involved in a community of artists?

No, not really.

Name your top influences (artists or otherwise):

I get a lot of influences wether they come from movies, photography or fine art. I really like Picasso. I love photographs of Helmut Newton and Sarah Moon and Deborah Turbeville.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully still in London, working as an Illustrator and travelling the world.

What moves you?

Living in London plus the rest of the world I want to explore.


Your favorite color, why?

Red, I just like it.

Your favorite place on Earth:

India - Australia - Fiji - The desert.


Your dream place: 

I dream of going to the Galapagos Islands.

Does environmental concern enter your work practice/has it altered it at all?

Yes, I save a lot of paper. 

What can make Earth a better place in terms of environment, energy and peace?

We should try to act in a responsible way in all kind of situations.

We should be aware of living in an extraordinary environment and treat it as special as it is.


If you had an opportunity what would you change about the world?

People need to be more respectful towards nature.

How can your vision and your creations impact our surrounding/environment?

Every image creates a feeling and energy. Hopefully, it is a positive energy ...


Your advice to emerging illustrators:

Be honest to yourself and your surrounding.

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