​   ive years ago, fashion designer Krystalrae moved to New York City to pursue her career.  This month she launches her first fall collection online.  Pieces of the Fall 2012 collection are currently available at Dalaga Boutique in Soho.

   A graduate of The Art Insitute of Philadelphia, Krystalrae commuted as a student to New York to work with the likes of Nicole Miller, Peter Som, and Mario Moya.  She volunteered at fashion shows to be surrounded by what she loved doing.  The grandiosity of her experiences hit her one day while at work:  “If I fuck up a button, that’s a million dollars just there.”

​   How would you describe your style?
Bold patterns, pattern play.  Pattern combinations and designs for that rare woman who wants to stand out.  My fall collection is more editorial, show pieces, composed of knits, both solids and woven.  But for Dalaga (Dalaga Boutique) I added texture. 
   What inspired you for Fall 2012?​
I feel American style is more normal, less bold.  People here like acceptable things.  For fall, I was inspired by sculptor who does life-size roses.  NYC is all concrete, and I liked the idea of a rose rising from concrete.  It’s about that bold, crazy, colorful girl in a gray city.  I like that “pretty-crazy” thing.

   What’s your favorite fall piece?

Probably the rose tunic you saw.  I paired the rose tunic with neon green, stripped leggings.  The top is delicate, and the bottom is neon harshness, like the thorns of a rose.
   Which fashion designers do you admire?
Peter Pilotto, Marni, McQueen, the big names like Prada.
   What made you become a fashion designer?​
I wanted to be painter.  My mom taught me how to sew.  Later on, I just gravitated into cloth.  Cloth was the material I used to express myself.  I was voted “best-dressed” in high school, and in college, before majoring in fashion, I organized fashion shows.
   What’s your favorite thing to wear?
I wear my own designs to go out.  I also like maxi skirts, and tunics paired with tights.
   You don’t do tight clothing?​
I can certainly do that if I wanted to, but I like fabric, and a body that moves under clothes.  I mean, I like some tight clothing, but it’s not pretty to go all out.  Sometimes, you want to hide a bit of that stomach.

   What fuels your creativity?
Other visual artists out there.  I’m inspired for example, by avaf and other artists who do bold, colorful art.  Also, finding fabrics is a thrill for me.  Fabrics inspire me.  Most of the time, I find the fabric first, and everything comes together.  I know it when I’ll see it.

   How often do you check out other designers?
I don’t really compare.
   What’s next?​​

I’m switching fabrics for the holiday.

by Alicia Ng

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