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Fab Ego: What are your measurements?

​Kealoha Abe: Height 6ft 1in, Suit 36 L, Waist 29 in, Inseam 32in, Shoe 11.52


​F.E.: Where are you from? What's your mix?

​K.A.: I'm a PROUD North Carolinian. My Dad lives in North Carolina, mom in Hawaii. My mix is Hawaiian, Japanese, and Portuguese.


F.E.: What are your goals, dreams in modeling career?

K.A.: I Just really want to use it to travel the world... so it was either modeling or the Air force haha


F.E.: What are your priorities beside modeling/fashion world? 

K.A.: I'm a musician. I write songs, sing, and play guitar. Hopefully recording an Album very soon.


F.E.: How do you keep yourself in such a good shape?

K.A.: I have to thank genetics a little because I don't really work out at all. I walk all over NYC though. I hate the subway.


F.E.: Do you eat a lot or you have a special diet?

K.A.: My first love in life is music second is food. If I was on a diet I'd die. I want to taste



F.E.: What relaxes you?​ 

K.A.: Talking to one of my family members on the phone. I just zone out my life and we talk about random small things.

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