"If I won't do that to myself - who will? And if I'm not myself - who am I? And if not now - when?"



What are your roots? Where are you from?

I am from Montenegro, Southwestern Europe. 


Describe your personal style as an artist. Also, do you like to dress up or you prefer expressing yourself through your pieces?

I would describe my style as minimalistic. However, I present it more through my jewelry with a touch of minimalist clothing items.


I just love your vision. Where do you find your inspiration?

I'm happy about that. Inspiration is everywhere. Inspiration to me as someone or something does not exist. I think there is a space with a core from which we gain knowledge, strength and inspiration, and I'm sure hence comes the inspiration and to me. My art constitutes the major part of accessories, such as necklaces, collar, bags, hats, and glasses. Each work of art was done exclusively by hand, combined with natural stones, crystals, zippers, aluminum, wood and above all each piece is unique and artistically designed. The work is based primarily on eliminating the traditional values of the art, sculptures on the streets - mobile sculpture.


What is your creative process: do you sketch at first, listen particular music, collaborate with other artists, etc?

No, I never sketch. While working I concentrate by listening to music or pure silence.


Your artistic statement.

Art is not the fact that we show new things, but the fact that we present them as new.


Where do you shop for your fabrics and other materials?

I buy materials everywhere from website stores to regular stores.


Do you have favorite artists, designers, scientists, writers, politician etc?

Of course! Much! John Cage, Marcel Duchamp, Emil Sioran, Soren Kierkegaard, Donald Judd, Richard Serra, Karl Jaspers and others.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Your plans if you do not mind to share

All around the world with many exhibitions and with one house in my country, where I can always come back to. My goal is to show my art to as many people as I can, and soon I will present it in "Be Next" in Paris.


You favorite quote.

If I won't do that to myself - who will? And if I'm not myself - who am I? And if not now - when?


Your favorite color, why?

Colors-black, white, gray, sophisticated, mysterious, plain, elegant, clear.  


Name your favorite cafe in your city? Where do you shop for food, fashion, in your city.

Café - Nag's head. Fashion website:


Your favorite place on Earth. Your dream place.

Bruges /Belgium


What can make Earth a better place in terms of environment, energy, peace?

There are lots, but the advantage has world peace.


If you had an opportunity what would you change about the world? How can your vision, your creations can impact our surrounding? 

It would definitely be an attempt to change human consciousness about the consumption of animal beings for various purposes and brutalization of them. My work primarily represent art in a form of sculpture, which goes beyond the gallery space on the street, in the service of "Take away" art representing people aesthetic value artwork, and thus the movement of art through the crowd aims at stimulating the human senses as well as the human mind and spirit conveying emotions and ideas.


Your wishes to Fab Ego

Proceed with the presentation of young talent, because it's very important for them.


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Interview for Fab Ego Magazine
Interview for Fab Ego Magazine
Interview for Fab Ego Magazine
Interview for Fab Ego Magazine
Interview for Fab Ego Magazine
Interview for Fab Ego Magazine

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