– julia gabrielov –

"The fashion world is so beautiful, even when it's crazy. I'm just captivated by it and I have to put it on paper."

Where are you from Julia?

Currently, I am located in Jensen Beach, Florida.


Did you go to school to learn art?

I have taken many art classes throughout my life, but I truly attribute my abilities to the countless hours I've spent drawing, painting, sketching, and just doodling for fun.


What inspires you to do fashion illustration?

The fashion world is so beautiful, even when its crazy, and completely out there. I'm just captivated by it and I have to put it on paper. 

What techniques do you use?

It really depends on the subject matter. Charcoal is great for the realistic. But I also enjoy watercolors and acrylics for their playfulness and fluidity.

What is your motto? 

Art is my life and passion. I want to create beauty and inspire people with lovely images. 


See Julia Gabrielov's latest work @juliagabrielov 


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