"A blood-chilling panic idea that the things from my head will never exist in reality unless if I do something about it." 

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Where are you from?

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and have lived there all my life so far.


Describe your personal style as an artist. Also, do you like to dress up or you prefer expressing yourself through your pieces?

My designs are structural and technology-inspired. They embody my ideology and aesthetics of my world perception. As for me, I feel comfortable when dressed in basic street wear and accessorized with authentic conceptual jewelry and sunglasses.


Where do you find your inspiration?

I get inspired with things on the edge of perception and often find myself exploring industrial zones and strongholds of spirituality.


Do you control every aspects of your designs, including the lookbooks?

As a perfectionist, I need to be sure every detail is impeccable, whether it's a texture of a fabric or a background for a lookbook. I actually don’t aim at creating these special things myself, it’s just I don’t always find exactly what I need so that my designs look just as conceived.


What is your creative process: do you sketch at first, listen to a particular music, collaborate with other artists, etc?

My mind never stops generating new design concepts so I don’t do anything special to get this process started. Once I come to a new idea, I make a sketch and start thinking over the technological aspect.


Your artistic statement.

In my opinion, since there is already a glut of fashion designs of all kinds, new designs worth to be produced only if they are truly innovative and unique. Otherwise, what is the point of creating something that already exists? 


Where do you shop for your fabrics and other materials?

I currently shop within Ukraine. Some of the materials I use are made on local factories but the major part is imported from Western Europe.


Do you have favorite artists, designers, writers, politician etc?

Anyone but politicians! I’m totally in love with the heritage left by Bosch, Malevich, Gogol and Margiela, but Jesus’s outstanding charisma is beyond all comparisons to me.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

It’d be perfect to produce small consignments of niche clothing to be stocked at concept stores around the world.


Do you have a favorite quote?

“There hardly exists a higher delight than the delight of creation.” (Nikolai Gogol)


What moves you?

A blood-chilling panic idea that the things from my head will never exist in reality unless if I do something about it.


Your favorite color and why ?

I won’t surprise anyone saying it’s black. It accentuates the silhouette and the structure. Indeed, it's even more of a symbol than a color. You never have to worry if it suits you and if it meets current trends.


Your favorite cafe in your city? Where do you shop for food, fashion, in your city? Or some places around the world, perhaps some websites as well.

There’s a great conceptual vegetarian restaurant named [tri:] in the historical centre of Kiev. My Autumn/Winter 13/14 lookbook was shot in its austere interior featuring concrete walls and uncovered pipes.

I prefer to pick materials for my designs directly from warehouses so I can enjoy the industrial scenery on the way.

Talking about fashion shopping, it's the in Kiev as in any megapolis: giant malls, luxury boutiques, flea markets and concept stores, but I also like to shop online.

However, the most extraordinary place in my city is 11th century temple complex called Lavra. It's filled with ancient orthodox icons, yet Its phenomenal underground caves where ascetic monks used to live gives this temple a unique charm. Buried in the same place, thee monks were spontaneously mummified and still lie in coffins along the obscure tunnels, with their blackened hands exposed.


What is your favorite place on Earth? Your dream place.

I have a hope that my future home will be this place.


What can make Earth a better place in terms of environment, energy and peace?

Sustainable approach to production and consumption of goods, tolerance, mutual help and spiritual self-development.


If you had an opportunity what would you change about the world? How can your vision, your creations impact our surrounding?

I wish people tried harder to be conscientious, kind and sympathetic. For my part, I produce ethical clothing, thereby encouraging fashionistas to create an edgy yet violence-free look.


Your wishes to Fab Ego.

Never cease to amaze!

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