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Surreal film photographer Gretchen Heinel

  Gretchen Heinel is a 22 year old film photographer based in New York.  Her photographic interests tend towards the surreal, and her greatest creative joy is in revealing the beauty of the grotesque, the dreaminess of nightmares, the timelessness of the forgotten.

What inspires you to create this type of work?
I enjoy texture of life's dark greedy taboo things.  I really get a kick off by taking a beautiful photo of something that is ugly.  I like to take pictures of things that make people uncomfortable like the subject does but the picture is still compelling and beautifully shot.  Its as you are in this weird tense limbo... you do not know how to feel about it... I enjoy that.

How about your models? How do they feel?
I try my best to work with people who get that sort of things.  Normally I use nude or fetish models for my personal projects.  They are more willing to create a persona rather than just stand there and model the clothing.  I like working with collaborators who can mold their own characters.

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