Kristina Lezhe

     Moscow native Kristina Lezhe arrived in New York to pursue her studies in fashion merchandising and management.  While she liked posing, becoming a model was not on her list of priorities.  A year later, she tells FabEgo she is giving it her 100% and heading to Milan.

Do you think you’re beautiful? 

     I guess l feel like I do think I’m beautiful.  For everybody, beauty represents something different.  I feel like beauty is inside of you, and maybe I have my own beauty.

When did you know you could become a model?

     When I shot with photographers last year, I felt I could really move in front of the camera.  The people I worked with inspired me, and I realized I could really do it.  Hopefully, I can achieve many things.  I want to put in my inspiration as a model.

What do you like about modeling?

     I see a lot of models struggling, but I love it.  I can bring photographers and designers into the camera.  I feel like they use me, and I get to put my idea into the picture.

What’s next for you? I heard you’re going to Milan on soon for a modeling job.

    I just spoke to my model agent.  He wants me to go to Milan, for Fashion Week.  I’ve very

excited.  I’ve never been outside NY for modeling.

by Alicia Ng