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Where are you from and where is your current home?

Hey! From Brooklyn, NY originally. Currently live between NYC (Manhattan) and LA


Where do you shop for food and clothes?

I'm a pretty healthy eater. Natural organic grocery stores are where I spend a lot of my time. And cooking ... I love to cook.

Clothing ... clothing comes from my fashion house SHANE by AxelJordan mainly. I have a specific style that I like to have fun with so I tend to find underground designers to work with within the line. Or I'll make it myself, see my line www.SHANEbyAxelJordan.com


Your style icon is...

It depends on how I'm feeling ... meaning it is constantly changing.  I have a lot of respect for designers like Gaultier who think outside of the box. It's about allowing your inner child to play with an adult mind of creativity. Taking it as far as you can. I appreciate that and try to embody as much of it as I can. I also just love to see artists feel alive in their clothing. That ranges from artists like Kayne West to the other end like Prince and Gaga. It all becomes iconic in its own way.


Your spiritual mentor is...

My mentor, in every capacity, is my best friend. He is my creative mentor and healer. He also just so happens to be my vocal director. All in one. And I thank GOD for him.


Your favorite NYC coffee place, art gallery, park, shop etc...

Growing up in NYC, I've always been surrounded by the lights of the city. With that said, I always like to find quiet spots in the city to just relax. Central Park is one of my favorite places.  So much life in such a quiet space.  Nothing else like it.  I also run alongside the west side highway. Renovations have made it such a scenic run. That in addition to the peace and meditative state that comes from running, it's something I look forward to everyday.

Oh, and my favorite coffee place is Cafe Grumpy's in Chelsea.  Great coffee, staff is awesome and the outside cafe is killer!


Your occupation is...

I'm an Artist. I'm a creator. I express myself through Music and Fashion.  




Who you wanted to be when you were a kid?

As a kid, I watched MTV and VH1 constantly.  I was in awe of the artists I was watching.  POP culture always had my interest.  ICONS in music like Prince, Madonna and of course Michael Jackson ... this is where my interest went. These artists were expressing themselves in ways that were shocking and brilliant. I knew I wanted the same for myself. And I've spent my entire life getting to that very point of expression. The freedom that one can have when living without fear is something to aspire to. It’s the life to live.


Do you have a favorite quote, poem or song?

"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching. Love like you'll never be hurt. Sing like there's nobody listening. Live like it's heaven on earth" - William W. Purkey


Your life motto is...



What are your astrological and Chinese signs?

Astrological sign is Sagittarius

Chinese Zodiac is Snake


Are you a free person, in terms of opinions and actions?



Your instagram is...




How can we make our Earth a better place?

Let's start with making OURSELVES better first.  Love yourself and in turn you'd love out.  Become a powerful force or energy that will change the lives of everyone you meet.  


As an artist, how can you impact or let's say improve what's happening with our environment, energy and peace.

By constantly reminding yourself where you're headed in life. I believe that if we are true to ourselves and let go our insecurities we carry, we will set ourselves apart and grow in ways we could only imagine. I personally spend all my time creating the life that I not only currently live but intend on fully living. Through Music, Fashion and Love, I surround myself with people I admire and with groups looking to inspire.  


Your wishes to fab ego.

MUCH continued success. Fab Ego is a great publication with some of the most brilliant photographs and stories you will find. Creator Yulia has a really awesome vision and I wish her all the best!


Support Axel:

Music: www.AxelJordan.com   @AxelJordan_

Fashion: www.SHANEbyAxelJordan.com     @SHANE_AxelJordan






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