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Meet Fab Ego's logo creator, young, talented and fabulous fashion illustrator + graphic designer Ksany Ksany.


Where are you from and where is your current home?

I am from Ukraine, now I’m living in New York.


What is your fab ego scale from 1 to 10 and why?

Speaking of Fabulous Ego…9 sounds fine. Lets leave some place for self improvement:)


Where do you shop?

Thrift shops work for me. There is always a chance to find something unique and save a fortune.


Who is your style icon? 

I’d say I like how Lou Doillon looks. She is a french singer/model and I like her effortless boyish style, that is still sexy with parisian chic hint. 


Your favorite NYC coffee place.

I do not have any particular favorite coffee place. I would emphasize that Starbucks on Hudson street in TriBeCa, where I had a very first date with my special one. 


Who you wanted to be when you were a kid?

I grew up in an artistic family. I always wanted to be an artist. I found it is very important for me to create things.


Your favorite quote, poem, song. 

Either you take yourself seriously, either your job." I can’t recall who said that, but sounds like a good line in balancing your life’s priorities.


Your sign, astrological and Chinese.

*Im a pisces. And a Goat according to Chinese calendar.


Are you a free person?

I think nothing holds me back at this point of my life. I could pack a small bag and go far away, as I did 3 years ago when I left my hometown. But sometimes its good to have responsibilities.


What is your instagram?

My instagram is @ksanyksany. Follow me if you want to see updates of my works.


Your wishes to fab ego.

I wish Fab Ego to make it as a complete project and to pursue its main goal: inspire people.


How can we make our Earth a better place? 

I draw beautiful girls, in a way my art adds visual harmony to this world, I consider it is a quite an achievement.

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