"Life is my main inspiration. Everything about it - the chaos, the tranquility... ."

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Where are you from? What are your roots?

I was born in New York and my roots are coming all the way from Belgium and Dominican Republic. I feel as my life was and still is a carnival circus.  While growing up my family moved a lot so I experienced living in quite few places such as Stamford and Old Greenwich in Connecticut, Spain, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic, Boca Raton and Orlando Florida. I went to Boarding School in Long Island (the Knox School) and got degree at the Temple University, Philadelphia. So that's my story in a nutshell.


Where did you study art?

Art is something that I had within me since I was born. At a very young age I learned how to draw. I won few awards when I was just in a second grade. Despite that I constantly painted on the walls I never took art seriously till recently. I drew a piece for a friend and he really loved it so I realized that I have something special.


What inspires you to create art? How do you create your paintings, in what kind of mood, environment and where you usually draw?

Life is my main inspiration. Everything about it - the chaos, the tranquility… I like to draw in the dark. I am like a vampire because I work better at night especially due to my heavy usage of the glow in the dark paint.


What techniques do you use to create your paintings?

I would say the only technique I use is my emotion. I believe that we are not always who we say we are, people tend to hide behind their layers. In my art I am focusing on revealing these layers. I paint each layer with different type of paint therefore when certain light hits the painting viewer can discover something new. For instance, with the black light my art work looks one way but when all the lights are off one can see subliminal messages that I write down over the paintings.


Do you have a dream place?

My life is a dream place and I am living it. It has it's ups and downs but one thing is for sure life is what you make out of it, and I choose to make it my dream place.


Who are your main supporters?

You! In other words people who appreciate my art are my main supporters. I would like to say my family...but thats not true...or God…thats not true either. The truth is: I create because of people like you...


What is your motto? What moves you? What makes you to get up every morning?

Life is too short so live it to the fullest. Be kind but don't let people take advantage of you. Love like you will never love again. I like to stay positive after all every day brings me closer to my goal.


Aside from painting what are your other interests? Tell us about your current projects.

I model in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Europe, hopefully will go to Asia one day. I have done some movies in the past, however, my main priority now is my magazine which I started with Jason He. It was Jason's original idea, nevertheless, I love the magazine, its about entertainment and fashion.


What would you like to wish to Fab Ego Magazine?

I wish nothing but the best to Fab Ego Magazine! The concept is truly fabulous, I see where you got an idea for the name. Also it has a fantastic Editor-in-Chief and a team who gives the audience a unique experience that hasn't been seen for a long time.


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