"Everything has its beauty even ugly things. Ignore what people think

about your understanding of beauty."


Ukrainian fashion designer Dina Lynnyk creates striking photo illustrations that are based on graphic collages and avant-garde forward-thinking. Designing her own standards of beauty in a way Dina's vision is provocative and can evoke mixed emotions. Winner of Harper's Bazaar 2011 competition for emerging designers, Dina Lynnyk, opens up about her art to Fab Ego Magazine.

Where are you from Dina?

I am from Ukraine, Kiev.

What inspires you to create fashion-forward art?

I try to reach deeper meaning in my collages, than just collages about fashion. My work is about human behavior and reaction. My favorite topic is a personality transition under different life's circumstances. I always watch man's reincarnation through a prism of the modern world.

Did you go to school to learn graphic design?

I studied at Kiev National University Of Design And Technology and graduated in 2008.

When you create do you listen to music?

I am listening to music all the time while I am working. The music of unbelievable artists such as James Blake, Biosphere, Die Antwoord, Kraftwerk, Isaac Hayes and Massive Attack inspires me to do what I love. I can forget my make up at home but never my headphones!

How old were you when you discovered your interest in art? 

 I started creating art at an early age. I remember that I always loved drawing a princess without a nose. Everyone always asked me why did I ignore such a necessary part of the face. But I was such a small kid, I just hid my ineptitude :-)

Is photo illustration your main job?

It's only my hobby at this moment. I also find myself doing a lot of fashion styling for photoshoots. However, my main job is fashion design. The name of my brand is "It's me"

What is your motto?

Everything has its beauty even ugly things. Ignore what people think about your understanding of beauty.

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