When I find artwork that moves me, I want to share it with the world. It could be music, visual art, a truly fascinating person, a place, a story, a dress, a building, or a poem... anything! And thanks to the Internet, I found some amazing creatives from around the world. Their work resonates with my spirit, pleases my eyes, makes me want to dance with zeal, dress up in weirdest clothes to enjoy the sunshine or a rainy day, walk-in mysteriously moonlit gardens with strange creatures, and fly above pink cities with dolphins.

Art is a true experience, and each individual encounters it uniquely. I search for art that makes me feel good and beautiful because for me it’s also a bridge to my imagination. There are thousands of artists, and each of them resonates with a certain soul. In my YR Journal, I feature artists whose world resonated with my own. For me, they are special angelic forces from a parallel universe whose creative vision meant to brighten up our planet. I wish for you to find your own universe: -)

Y. R.