"The chain of life reaching back through history, and our ancestors' reverence for the natural world, remind us how interwoven we are with our environment.” - Mariko Mori

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All photographs by Mariko Mori



    A sense of unobtrusive tranquility in a current Mariko Mori's exhibition "Rebirth" evokes questions about eternity in a philosophical perspective of life's ongoing circle that begins at birth, continues in existence and culminates in death. Exploration of life's inevitable segments lead Mori's exhibition to be divided into three parts which are harmonically displayed throughout the gallery. Artist used different types of media such as sculpture, drawing, video and photography in order to create 35 installations which are currently shown at Japan Society through January 12, 2014.


    Take your time to fully enjoy each piece without trying to find an explanation. Let your imagination to flow and to take you above the physical reality. Spiritual minimalism of this quite unique presentation may shift you into a meditative mood. Perhaps, consider to spend extra few minutes in the Rebirth room, it is infused with unexplainable magical feeling of insufferable nihility.


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by Yulia Rock


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