February 6, 2013

During NYFW'13,  CHROMAT presented  Superstructures, a new collection at Industria Superstudios in Manhattan's Meatpacking District.

   Designer Becca McCharen spoke to us about the inspiration behind her work, and her reaction after the audience's enthusiastic applause.

   What was your inspiration for this collection?
Fall'13 collection was specifically inspired by geometry, 3d transformations and mathematical structures.  I've been thinking a lot about geometry in that sense and about the renderings from Superstudio's megastructures from the 60's futurist movement in Europe, also futuristic cities."

   How do you feel about your first fashion show? 

I feel great, I feel show went very well.  I was happy with all the girls.  Their eyebrows looked amazing and all the clothes looked put together, so I am very happy.

(click on photos to see full size)


photos by Yulia Rock