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Height: 5'10

Bust: 34

Waist: 25

Hips: 35


Dress: 4 

Shoe: 10 

Hair: black

Eyes: brown



APM Models New York

Where are you from? What's your mix?

​I was born and raised in Dominican Republic.


What is your goals in modeling career?

To build my career step by step, working hard to pursue what I love and fulfill every dream I ever hoped for.  I wish one day I can be the main model for one of those big designers such as Michael Kors or Gucci.


What are your priorities beside modeling/fashion world? 

Back in 2009 I received a degree in Hotel Management. I am planning to open a business with my husband that is related to hospitality, perhaps a restaurant.


How do you keep yourself in such a good shape?

To be honest, I do not exercise much.  I think I got lucky with genetics (heheh).  But for sure once in a while I am visiting a gym to keep myself healthy and fit.


Do you eat a lot or you have a special diet?

Well I am a vegetarian.  But it does not mean that I do not eat.  In fact I eat a lot.  Ohhh and I love candies!  Especially chocolate.


What relaxes you?​ 

Reading, music, chocolate and ice cream.  Sometimes I just walk around it works well for relaxation.


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