"I actually do not favor idols as such. I find fascination in diverse minds, despite their branch of origin."

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What are your roots? Where are you from?

My heritage stems from the Faroe Islands - I was born and raised there.


Tell us a little bit about your inspiration behind your creations.

Well, I draw inspiration from diverse sources - living beings, objects or simply a sense of emotion - where a majority of such impulses are played out on a subconscious level. I like to capture inspiration from the up-beat nerve buzzing, from creatures of all sorts of walks of life, being the past, present or coming generations. Moreover, has the mush scene, which still remains, granting me a sense of direction and points of reference on a meta level that transcends into my tangible creations.


Describe your personal style as an artist. 

In short: I like my visual aesthetic to be free from compromise.


What is your creative process: do you sketch at first, listen particular music, collaborate with other artists, etc? 


This may come as a surprise, but I do not sketch, I sculpture. When the raw idea emerges, I find myself on a quest to define its story, its purpose from its fundamental construction all the way to its architectural shape in order to grant that idea a tangible life for others to explores, whether solely visually or as a part of ones wardrobe choices.


Your artistic statement.

Stay true to your voice.


Do you have favorite artists, designers, scientists, etc?

I actually do not favor idols as such. I find fascination in diverse minds, despite their branch of origin.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Your plans if you do not mind to share.

To sky rocket :). We are always working on various projects and creative collaborations. Although I cannot give it all away, where is the thrill in that (smiling).

Stay tuned!


What moves you?

The purest source: love.


Your favorite color, why?

I'd rather like to say that I find textures alluring rather than colors. Scientifically, black is not a hue color but what black does it that absorbs all colors of the visible spectrum and reflects none of them. This is why working with a monochrome palette is alluring to me - it allows me to build a story that is rich in texture and how diverse surfaces of blacks has such power to pose a juxtaposition.


Your favorite place on Earth. Your dream place.

My nest, my love.


What can make Earth a better place in terms of environment?

Well, taking a stance from the industry I represent, there is an important shift of mentality and focus that must emerge within fashion, which is to create designs consciously with focus on longevity and durability.


Creating designs that are friendly for our eco system resides in an action that must be taken collectively by all involved actors in the value chain.


An important pillar in our brand DNA has been sustainability. We are not a 100% sustainable brand, which we most likely will never become for factual reasons. Nonetheless, we work very hard towards it and maintain a focal point in creating designs that are rich on longevity and multi-functional elements that can be evoked years ahead and thus, are not seasonally based but rather based on a numerical order - like a continuous story as life itself. In this respect, we are granting our wearers broader wardrobe options with individual garments that are not bound by time, sex, age or societal order. Our brand actually participated in the Copenhagen Fashion Summit this year where we have created designs to be showcased based on eco-friendly fabric, stretching our knowledge even further within our sustainability principle. We are very pleased to be part of the Fashion Summit highlighting this important cause within the fashion industry, and the experience has been ever so enlightening thus far.


How can your vision, your creations can impact our surrounding?

I feel that I have already been blessed with such an opportunity, which is to grant the world my voice through my designs. That has become all possible with a great thank you to my avid supporters. They cary my legacy onwards and filter it through to their surroundings, being today even more so amplified with the virtual space present. The idea behind my creations is based on fundamentals where societal order, age and sex as sexual orientation, shall not dictate who you are. My designs simply allows you to interact with it, to project your mood, your spirit…whatever its shape may be at that current stage of your life.


Your wishes to Fab Ego :-)

Thank you Fab Ego for your interest and for carrying my voice on even further…props! (smiling)


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