"When I paint for myself, I'm free and I can be guided by the principle - less is more..."

Tell us a little about you and your work.

I don't like to talk about myself and I am rather trying to avoid it. I paint each day. Art is in my case everything I love and it is my life. I am also a collector. I do collect painting brushes and watercolors - I have them a lifetime reserve ;) for me a visit in an art shop is comparable to buying a new pair of heels ;)


How do you think the use of Instagram has benefited your art practice?

It has not influence on my creative work, but definitely expand my range of customers.


What’s the state of the illustration in your country? Are you actively involved in a community of artists? 

Nowadays the fashion illustration is very trendy. A lot of people, who are interested in fashion begins to draw themselves... but we should keep in mind, that it is not only interest but mainly illustrators' workshop - skills and background are important in this work, because that's what verifies a good illustrator. I work alone and do not belong to any "artistic group", this environment is rather for individualists.

What do you most enjoy depicting in your illustrations? 

As a fashion illustrator I should have the biggest interest in clothes - but I for me it is a person who is wearing them - dress appears only as a detail. I have, however, beloved designers and favorite collections.

Fashion illustration is no longer only a fashionable picture, it's not just about the reconstruction. It is a pure creation, art. You can show fashion with a line, a form of drawing. Sometimes in the daily orders I have to add some details to illustration which concerns for example a particular trend. When I paint for myself, I'm free and I can be guided by the principle - less is more :)


Do you have a background in fashion design or the fashion industry?

After I graduated the Art Academy I started to study fashion design in Krakow – but I knew right away, that I don't want to design, I want to only draw. I do not want to be limited. By doing drawing I can do everything, but as a designer I would have to deal with many problems that could restrict my creativity.


Do you illustrate full time? Is it your only interest?

Yes, it is my passion and my profession at the same time. When I don't illustrate I paint – over and over again. I don't complain about the lack of inspirations... rather the lack of time.


What’s your medium of choice?

Definitely, my number one is watercolor but I also paint acrylic on canvas. I have a degree in graphic design, so there is a lot of drawing, contrast and lines in my paintings. I love the mix techniques and experimenting, not being excluded to only one technique – combining different techniques enables me to can achieve more.


When you became passionate about fashion illustration? What inspired you? 

My career goes on all the time, it is beautiful, a few years ago my dream was to illustrate for magazines and now I am doing it. I think that everything is possible, you just have to work, work, work :)

Explain your typical work process.

I just get up and paint. I often have problems with sleep, because of the new ideas, which are always keep coming up. I just paint.

Name your top three influences (artists or otherwise).

It is keep changing, I collect albums with illustration. I love watercolors, according to painting, my answer will be always Teresa Pągowska, although it hard to find her influence in my painting :) Definitely the number one when it comes to fashion is Alexander McQueen, it is a great lost that he is no longer with us. It was a real visionary artist ... the word "designer" is not enough in his case.

I also miss John Galliano, but I believe that he will return;)


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