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   Flashing his darker side and chillier looks, fashion model John
Fredrickson appears on Fab Ego’s first cover, and graces the
magazine’s inside spread. During a rooftop photo shoot in NYC’s East
Village, the mannequin was hailed as mature yet playful, strong yet
sensual, and “just freakin’ amazing”. Fredrickson’s ability to
express the creative team’s artistic vision, and his warm, genuine
persona, made him an instant hit with the crew.

   Without makeup and dressed in simple T-shirt and jeans, Fredrickson
looks like an uber handsome, rugby player, the jovial type who exudes
wholesomeness and melts girls’ hearts. But his blue-eyed gaze is
probing, and quickly gives way to earnestness and depth.

Fredrickson had worked previously in the tech industry, creating
front-end interfaces for web and mobile applications. Watching him
pose, his transition from office bloke to model appears a seamless
evolution; and Fredrickson confirms that it is. He grew up acting
throughout his school years, and felt inspired by the inventive spirit
of those around him.

   The model, whom a designer described as “too pretty to sit in front of
a computer”, loves bringing clothes to life, and is emboldened by the
excitement of people's reactions to ”products of creative energy”.
His observations of everyday interactions touch him, so much that it
was precisely life in New York City that incited him to take the steps
towards a modeling career.

by Alicia Ng