H.: Where were you?


S.: I met my destiny. There is one star in the blue sky that lives without knowing about my existence… thousands miles away in the unknown Universe; the star is lonely among others.


H.: You forgot about me?


S.: The star is not sad about its isolation. It moves further into foreign skies. Its light dissolves my inner misery.


H.: I made you miserable…


S.: There is no one above the star, it's free. I will follow my star while it's full of light and even when it will disappear in the space I will believe in infinite time of my star’s light.


H.: Who needs the star?

The star does not care, it's free and will die but my love will be there even when my ashes will fly above the oceans.


S.: I will believe in the unbeatable star’s light. In my thoughts there is no space for two in the sky. The star meant to disappear in eternity after passing the light to others… But you… you just left with your ashes…​​​​​​​​​​




one of the six fab  transformations with  FAB FACE of the month AARON TRAVIS

photography, retouching and fashion style by YULIA ROCK


featured fashion designer EV BESSAR

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